We are a local real estate management company based in Barcelona, Spain.

We started our business in 2009 in the Barcelona city area, and we offer apartments for rent and sale.
We also offer investment opportunity apartments for sale in Barcelona to people that want to invest their money in a safe way, have a home in Barcelona and recover the invested money in a reasonable time. we always try to give our clients the best possible service, to find them a place to live in Barcelona quickly, make the rental and sales contract an easy matter, guide them through the spanish laws, and the last but not the least, be always available.

We’re almost always ready to show you an apartment, sign a contract and help with other matters that you may need as a newcomer to Barcelona.
Our best reward for our honest work is the large number of clients that recommend us, return to us and maintain a relation with us since the moment we met.
Due to our international business orientation, we speak english, swedish, russian and serbian, besides spanish and catalan languages.
If you plan to come to Barcelona for studies, work, to spend your holiday, or you like this city so much that you decide to buy a property here, feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to help!