Long term rent

Q: I’m arriving in 3 months to Barcelona, can you send me the available apartments?

A: No, because we don’t know which apartments are going to be available in 3 months. It’s better to contact us a couple of weeks prior to your arrival and we’ll send you links with the available apartments.

Q: What are the rental conditions?

A: In order to sign the rental contract and move in, you’re supposed to pay the 1st month rent in advance, 2 months security deposit and our service fee which is equal to the 1 month rent, i.e. if the monthly rent is 700€, you would need to have 700€ for the 1st month rent, 1400€ for the security deposit and 700€ for our service fee.

Q: Will I receive my security deposit back and how?

A: Yes you will, as long as you leave the apartment in the same condition as it was when you moved in, and after deducting the pending utility bills. In certain cases we return it on the day you leave the apartment, but it can take up to 30 days after you leave the apartment.

Q: Are the utilities included in the rent?

A: Generally, the utilities such as electricity, gas, water and internet are not included in the rent. However, there are exceptions and we write them in the apartment description.

Q: What’s the average cost for the utilities?

A: It depends on your lifestyle and the usage. From our experience the average cost for 1 person is: water around 20€ / month; electricity 40€ / month; gas / 40€ / month.

Q: Can you install the internet for me?

A: No, but we can advise you the best internet provider and offers.

Q: I saw an apartment on your web page and I plan to stay for 2 months only. I’ve contacted you but the price is higher than advertised on the web page. Why?

A: In order to get the long term price, the minimum stay should be 6 months depending on the apartment. If you need it only for 1 or 2 months, the price increases as the property owner needs to cover the expenses for the time the apartment is empty between the time you leave and the time we find a new tenant.


Apartments for sale

Q: What are the costs of buying an apartment in Spain?

A: You can calculate it approximately by adding 11% to the buying price, i.e. if the apartment price is 200.000€, the sales tax, notary and registry expenses will be 22.000€.

Q: How much is the property tax in Spain?

A: It depends on the property size, location, and many more parameters that only the City Government (Ayuntamiento) can say exactly. Roughly said, the property tax for an average apartment in Barcelona is 200€ and it’s paid once a year.

Q: I would like to buy an apartment in Barcelona but I need a loan, can you arrange it?

A: In certain cases, we can help with preparing the documents, speaking with the bank, translating, interpreting, but we can’t guarantee the positive answer from the bank.

Q: If I buy an apartment in Barcelona, can you rent it out for me?

A: Yes, that’s our job.

Q: If I buy an apartment in Barcelona, can I get a residence permit?

A: No, you can’t, but it may increase the probability to get the residence permit if you apply for it since having a place to live is one of the conditions to get it. If you need visa to travel to Spain and you buy an apartment in Barcelona, you can apply for 1 year visa with multiple entries and maximum stay 90 days within 6 months period, i.e. if you get a visa from March 2021 to March 2022, you are allowed to stay max. 90 days during the 1st half , and 90 days during the second half of the visa validity.