How to install internet in Barcelona?

One of the first things do to once you rent an apartment in Barcelona is to set up the internet. A great majority of the apartments in Barcelona are rented without internet, and everyone needs it nowadays. The additional problem is that almost all internet providers require you to speak spanish since you need to confirm the order by a phone call.


  • NIE number
  • spanish bank account number
  • knowledge of spanish language (Vodafone has english speaking call operators)

The most important internet providers in Barcelona:

The waiting time depends on the company you decide to work with, the apartment address, etc. According to our experience, the fastest company in terms of installation and aftersales support is Movistar. It can take up to 2 weeks in order to have the internet at home.

The average prices are between 25 and 40 euros / month for the ADSL  or fiber optic internet. The internet providers sometimes apply the so called ‘installation fee’ and usually it’s around 50 euros.

Regarding the internet speed, the fiber optic internet is the fastest and it can be up to 600MB download and upload. When it comes to the ADSL internet, it could be 50MB download and upload.