Parking in Barcelona

Generally, people that decide to travel by car to Barcelona have certain difficulties to park their car once they arrive to the city.

We discourage our clients from getting to Barcelona by car because it is a city with a well organised public transport (metro, trams, buses, etc) but if you really need to, we’ll try to explain you the parking system in Barcelona in this article.


First of all, there’s almost no free street parking in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. All street parking is divided into blue and green zones, and this official page explains better the parking rules and rates:

If you need to park your car for more than 24h, the only reasonable and safe option is to find an underground parking with security. Here you have BSM parking network:

Another big private parking network is called SABA, and you can find their parkings on this link:

Our company strongly recommends you to use a secured parking rather than to leave a car on the street.